We are working with the Lower Polk Neighbors to repurpose and activate our alleyways, since we do not have any public spaces in our neighborhood. The Lower Polk Alleyways District Vision Plan can be seen here https://lowerpolk.org/2016/10/28/the-lower-polk-alleyways-district-vision-plan-draft/

Fern Alley

Fern Alleyway Project is part of the Polk Streetscape Project with the SFMTA. https://www.sfmta.com/projects-planning/projects/polk-streetscape-project

  • Construction is set to take place May-August 2017, some of the improvements will be:
  • 14 foot side walk
  • Art installations
  • New lighting – lights will be directed in a downward angle in order to prevent extra light into housing along the alley.

Austin Alley

We are currently still raising money to complete the Austin Alley project and hoping that it can be included with the Polk Streetscape Project with the SFMTA.

More updates to follow!