Who would not want to adopt such a cute little dracaena?

Join our new “Lower Polk Adopt a Plant” program! Working with the City and local business owners, we are now siting planters (with actual live plants) in alleyways in the Lower Polk district. We have already sited planters in Hemlock and Fern, with many more to (hopefully) come.

The concept behind the planters is simple, basically it is to bring a bit of green to our alleys.

This is a test/pilot project – and right now we are using oakwood half wine barrels. But this could change based on your input. For example, we are also looking at using galvanized steel water troughs (like what they use at farms). We just want to make sure that whatever we site is robust enough to stand up to the elements and will allow plants to grow and thrive.

And this is where *you* come in!

As you probably know, plants require a certain amount of care. They need:

  • Light
  • Water
  • Food (fertilizer)
  • Air
  • Care

Light and air are provided courtesy of nature. But the plants also need human intervention in the form of water and food (and some trimming from time to time). If you can find it in your heart, we would love it if you would “adopt a plant.” This can be “formal” (and we will even give you a water can and some food for the plant.) Or this could be as informal as you just watering a given plant from time to time and removing dead leaves or stems. If you want to get involved in helping a little additional life grow in our alleys, please send an email to [email protected].