We are happy to report that calls for graffiti abatement are down 36 percent in The Lower Polk Community Benefit District!

We recently used a mapping/data-analysis program entitled “Carto” to crunch through San Francisco’s “311 calls” for graffiti abatement. The (megabytes of) raw data is publicly accessible here: https://data.sfgov.org/City-Infrastructure/311-Cases/vw6y-z8j6/data.

Our findings were interesting, and certainly prove that we are doing something right. While graffiti abatement calls were up nearly 25 percent for San Francisco as a whole, our calls were down a whopping 36 percent. This is because we have ambassadors who are specially trained in graffiti removal techniques, who use special environmentally safe chemicals and equipment, and who literally scour the District on a daily basis looking for new graffiti to remove.

While we cherish and support our community-created street art (such as the new Hemlock Mural,) we have absolutely zero-tolerance for graffiti “tagging.” If you see any graffiti, please report it to SF 311, either via their free app or by calling 311. We have a system in place that uses the Open311 API to receive 311 reports as they happen, and we typically respond to graffiti calls ASAP.

Here is the map:


Click here for a high-res PDF version of the above.

[Header image of graffiti tagging is copyleft indymedia.ie]