The Lower Polk Tenant Landlord Clinic (TLC) is a unique interdisciplinary program designed to help prevent homelessness by keeping people housed in their current places of abode. If you live in the Lower Polk or surrounding areas, and are experiencing problems with your current housing, you are urged to contact the TLC now at [email protected] or(415) 723-0785.

The TLC performs four main services:


We reach out to underserved communities in the Lower Polk and surrounding areas.

Our outreach efforts currently include:

  • door-to-door visits,
  • informational events,
  • mailers, and
  • referrals


Working in conjunction with La Voz Latina, we hold several educational seminars per year. We also work on a case-by-base basis to educate tenants on their legal and equitable rights.

We are currently designing our curricula, so if there are any topics that are of special interest to you, please let us know.


We work with Hastings College of the Law and the Bar Association of San Francisco to mediate disputes between and among landlords and tenants in the Lower Polk area.

The word mediate, at its core – means something like “be between.”

By mediating disputes, both parties avoid the cost and stress of the court system, and often achieve better results.

Landlord Services

We work with the San Francisco Apartment Association (SFAA) to hold training events and outreach initiatives for landlords in the Lower Polk and surrounding areas.

We are not adverse to landlords. In fact we work closely with the SFAA to train and educate landlords on their rights and responsibilities. By having informed tenants, and informed landlords, we believe that many conflicts can be entirely avoided.