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Join the Lower Polk Fix-It Team!

The Mayor's Fix-It Team is empowered by the City to fix quality of life issues identified by residents and businesses in 35 San Francisco neighborhoods. They have worked with over 1,000 residents to accomplish 3,000+ fixes. Their work in Lower Polk will begin with a kick-off meeting on Thursday, July 12. Be sure to mark your calendars (and attend)! WHAT: Lower Polk Fix-It Zone Public Kick-Off

Graffiti Calls Down 36 Percent in Our District

We are happy to report that calls for graffiti abatement are down 36 percent in The Lower Polk Community Benefit District! We recently used a mapping/data-analysis program entitled "Carto" to crunch through San Francisco's "311 calls" for graffiti abatement. The (megabytes of) raw data is publicly accessible here: Our findings were interesting, and certainly prove that we are doing something right. While graffiti abatement calls

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The “Sacrificial Coat”

A sacrificial coat is simply a way to make graffiti easier to remove. Basically, it involves putting a type of wax (or other polymer) over the surface to be protected. Then when the surface gets painted with graffiti, the wax is simply hosed off. Paint does not stick to wax (or to most polymers). "Sacrificial coat." Not "sacrificial goat." The reason the phrase "sacrificial

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