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Join the Lower Polk Fix-It Team!

The Mayor's Fix-It Team is empowered by the City to fix quality of life issues identified by residents and businesses in 35 San Francisco neighborhoods. They have worked with over 1,000 residents to accomplish 3,000+ fixes. Their work in Lower Polk will begin with a kick-off meeting on Thursday, July 12. Be sure to mark your calendars (and attend)! WHAT: Lower Polk Fix-It Zone Public Kick-Off

Then & Now: Polk Street Edition

"Over the past 239 years, the face of San Francisco has been a work in progress. To help illustrate these changes, we combed through the San Francisco Public Library's History Center archive and combined images of the Polk area of yesteryear with modern day shots. Enjoy!" Read more about historical Polk Street at . . 

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How The Lower Polk CBD Tackles Homelessness With Compassion

"There are 14 community benefit districts (CBDs) in San Francisco, which bring together neighbors, merchants, and local government entities to help improve the quality of life in a given neighborhood, including safety, cleanliness of the streets and overall livability. "But one neighborhood organization, the Lower Polk CBD, has been working tirelessly over the last few months to tackle quality-of-life issues for some of its most

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New CBD In The Works For Middle Polk Neighborhood

"Throughout San Francisco, 14 neighborhoods have formed community benefit districts (CBDs), in which local property owners and businesspeople join forces to address a neighborhood's safety, appearance and cleanliness. Now, the Middle Polk neighbors in Russian Hill have started the process to form one as well, citing excess refuse on the streets and empty storefronts as the impetus. "Once established, CBDs are registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, run by

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